January 17, 2021

Five Information Software System For Windows

Software systems act as a middle man between the software and hardware to allow communication for the user. They enable a conversation between software, hardware, and user. These are designed to coordinate the actions of computer hardware.


The first essential component of the computer is hardware, and the second is software. Both the elements are interlinked to each other as the software gives instructions to the device. And then the hardware work according to those set of instructions. So you can say software is like oxygen to the hardware. Software divided into two parts:-

  1. Application software
  2. System Software

Application Software

It is one of the popular software used in the computer. These are used for performing a useful task that is not linked with computer maintenance. These are the physical

Components of the machine without whom the PC won’t operate commonly can be used through GUI and by double-clicking an icon. Some of the examples are a word processor, spreadsheet, accounting programs, and database programs.

System Software

This software fits between computer hardware and the user. It provides a platform in which an application software program. These are specially designed for running a device on your PC .it communicates with the RAM, ROM, cache, microprocessor, etc. Some of the responsibilities include the display screen necessities that are display icons, texts, and cursors. It does not directly depend on the other programs to operate. 


These help user interfaces to interact with data communication and data management programs. Examples are- Ubuntu GUI and Mac GUI etc. It is the foundation of your PC and almost all electronic devices.  

Operating System

The operating system is one of the software types. It is firstly installed whenever the PC starts operating. This system software was installed first. Then only the PC starts running unless the PC will be of no use. The OS controls all the input and output functions of the computer. Earlier in the 1980’s the disk operating system (DOS) was an excellent interface.


There are various types of operating systems.

  1. REAL time OS:-this type of species used for robots, modems, and cars.
  2. Single task OS – These installed on one person using devices like a cell phone.
  3. Multitask OS:- These are installed on temporary personal use PCs.
  4. Mobile OS:- these are generally used on phones, tablets, Ipads, etc.


Device Drivers

It is a type of software that gives PC devices life. These software types help the external devices perform their activity, which is all directed by OS. These drivers are the middleman in the OS and the hardware.

These are the devices which use drivers:-

  1. Mouse
  2. Printer
  3. Keyboards
  4. Network cards
  5. Display cards



It controls and manages the work of single hardware. These are known as fixed software, which is denoted by the word firm. These are permanent software programmed in an only read memory. These are used for primary input and output functions. 


The reasons behind updating firmware are fixing bugs and adding new features to devices. The typical firmware examples are television remote, televisions, LED, open filmer, OpenWrt, etc.

Programming Language Translator

These are the software that translates high-level computer language to machine language. These are Java, C++, Python, PHP, Basic. Besides simplifying the language, they also do various works. These are:-

  1. Shoot out both source code and programming details
  2. Provide data storage for the program
  3. Allow detailed reports when plans are not followed.
  4. Define syntax errors while the translation, and allowing changes made in the code.



These are types of software that fit between system and application software. These are the programs which provide maintenance task for the computer. These casts are related to data security and disk drive defragmentation.


Some of the examples and features of Utility software consist:

  1. Provides Windows firewall safety against external threats.
  2. Data recovery for recovering the lost data example is -Recuva, iCare Data recovery, etc.
  3. Back up of data security, for example, -Cobian, Clonezilla.
  4. Provides antivirus security for the files and applications:-Mcafee, and AVG.


Computer hardware is dead without computer software. The software programs are generally needed for the processing of input and output storage. Many software systems do not require installation: internet explorer, Microsoft, Firefox, ChromeOS, etc. It is developed through system programming languages and its methodologies. It is vital to know before installing any software its licensing agreements and privacy statements.


And anyone who has used both PC and Mac can identify the use of the operating system quickly. If issues crop up, you can solve them by clicking here. The software provides other platforms to work and support computer hardware. So, at last, I would conclude by saying that software is like oxygen to both Hardware and PC.


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