January 22, 2021


www.easyifsc.com is a tool to find Bank IFSC code.  You can find any bank code in a very easy manner. Although there are many such tools but www.easyifsc.com  is one the best tool providing very elegant interface .  You can easily use on mobile as well as on any other device like desktop and tablets.


We provide following tools:

IFSC Finder

Find Bank Details by IFSC

All Bank list for IFSC Code


What is IFSC Code?

IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) is combination of charecters and digits creating a string(word) of 11 length , is used to indenify a barnch of bank can be used in many financial transactions. This is a unique identification for a bank branch. The IFSC code helps to transfer money using RTGS, NEFT or IMPS method.

Decoding IFSC Code

An IFSC Code is just not an Unique Identification but also contains many more information about a bank branch. There are three main parts of any 11 Charecters IFSC Code :

  1. The first 4 characters is known as bank code
  2. The 5th character of IFSC code is always a ‘0’
  3. The last remaining 6 characters of IFSC Code is related to branch and known as branch code


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